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The Curriculum, Learning, Teaching & Assessment Workstream aims to grow an empowered learning system which provides the best possible curriculum for children and young people. It also aims to ensure this learning system delivers excellent approaches to learning, teaching and assessment for all.

It aims to:

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Curriculum, Learning, Teaching & Assessment


We are working to achieve this through a wide variety of activities including:

Primary Curriculum Programme

The Primary Curriculum programme was an opportunity for Primary colleagues to come together across The West Partnership and focus on developing the curriculum in their own contexts.

Working with Education Scotland and researchers from The Robert Owen Centre (ROC) at the University of Glasgow participants considered their curriculum in relation to the Refreshed Curriculum Narrative and completed a related collaborative action research project, supported by the ROC team.



This programme was designed for two participants per school – a senior leader and a class teacher. Participants were given the opportunity to consider the Refreshed Curriculum Narrative in relation to their own context and to work with other schools whilst doing this. In addition participants were supported to undertake a collaborative action research (CAR) project by specialist researchers from the Robert Owen Centre at the University of Glasgow. This enquiry based process was used to develop an aspect of the curriculum that participants select as being relevant to their own school. At the events in May, there was also an opportunity to hear about and share learning from across the projects undertaken by other participants.

The CAR process itself can be used as a tool to support improvement in many areas identified by the school. Although the focus in this professional learning programme is on curriculum, it is hoped that participants will also be able to use CAR to support improvement in other areas in the future.

Pedagogy Partnerships

Across the West Partnership schools have been given the opportunity to link with other schools from different authorities as they take forward an aspect within their School Improvement Plan. Schools were supported to undertake a Collaborative Action Research (CAR) project by using materials created by the Robert Owen Centre at the University of Glasgow. Each school used this enquiry-based process to develop an area within their Improvement Plan. There was also an opportunity to hear about and share learning from across the projects undertaken by other schools.

Look out for Cohort 2 Launching January!

The West Partnership is delighted to be launching a programme that will allow practitioners to come together across our 8 Local Authorities to develop pedagogical approaches that will empower educators, transform teaching, foster collaboration and enhance student outcomes.

In this programme there will be the opportunity to explore:

  • Evidence based pedagogical strategies
  • Strategies for data informed decision making
  • Practical tools for implementation

This programme is for all educators looking for fresh insights to elevate learning and teaching in your establishment.  The programme is based on educator acclaimed work of Simon Breakspear and Bronwyn Ryrie Jones, ‘Teaching Sprints’ (2021).

Join us on our programme to sprint towards practice mastery through a focus on small incremental gains in teaching and learning.

Specialist Networks

List of specialist networks

Specialist networks are where groups of representatives collaborate to share experience and expertise. This can result in the development of resources, events or professional learning opportunities. The Specialist Networks promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise across local authorities promoting cross-sector collaboration.

Recently the aims of the network have been to increase awareness and development of staff confidence working within the BGE in secondary (S1-3) through engagement in regular moderation activity and for staff to develop a deeper understanding of the standards and expectations within CfE Levels and how to evidence aspects of these levels through high quality assessment evidence.

This session the network has hosted a Moderation Event with an increased number of participants teaching Level 3/4 participants.

Shona McArthur, Development Officer hosted Effective Assessment inputs across the West Partnership, as well as training offered on Teams. Primary and Secondary Teams sessions open to all WP practitioners both had over 100 participants. Due to popular demand we are delivering the sessions again. Sign up information below:

Effective Assessment Primary (Download)
Effective Assessment Secondary (Download)
Effective ASN (Download)

Further to this assessment guides with exemplars have also been published on the West Partnership website

The ASN Assessment & Moderation network aims to give ASN practitioners the opportunity across the West Partnership to come together and engage in moderation which will have been created, developing consistency in knowledge and understanding around the moderation of planning, assessment and achievement of a level. 

The Senior Phase Assessment & Moderation group aims to further develop practitioner confidence when making professional judgements in line with national standards.

The Digital Officers group aims to increase the awareness of interesting and innovative practice around digital pedagogy in the West Partnership for practitioners which improve the learning experience for children and young people.  

The Literacy Officers network aim to establish approaches to early reading and discuss the ways in which decoding/phonics continues as children move beyond P1-3.

The Maths Officers network aims to share effective practice across the West Partnership through appropriate workshops and information sessions.

These include:

The EAL officer network are focussing on the delivery and policy of ESOL to ensure support is available for young people (S4-S6).

The Gaelic specialist network has a clear focus on Gaelic Medium Education.

This network seeks to improve collegiality across the West partnership in order to reach a shared standard on Gaelic language.

The central focus this academic session will be taking a closer look at oracy and ensuring practitioners can come together to collaborate and develop key skills in this area.

The network strives to strengthen approaches and drive forward further improvements in Gaelic education.

Improvement Plan 2022-23

Download here.

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