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Wellbeing for Learning

The Wellbeing for Learning Workstream recognises the importance of wellbeing in the learning process and aims to empower practitioners to provide the best possible environment for learners.

It aims to:

Fiona MacKenzie


Wellbeing for Learning


We are working to achieve this through a wide variety of activities including:

Inclusion in mainstream
Young Leaders of Learning
Young Leaders of Learning

Young Leader of Learning Contacts

East Dunbartonshire Council

Nichola Roberts :

East Renfrewshire Council

David Gordon :

East Renfrewshire Council

Rosamund Rodriguez :

Glasgow City Council

Gary Condie :

Inverclyde Council

Alison McLellan :

 Una Nicolson :

North Lanarkshire Council

Michael Bradley :

Renfrewshire Council

Julie Colquhoun :

South Lanarkshire Council

Martina Hendry :

West Dunbartonshire Council

Laura Radcliffe :

Young Leaders of Learning
UNCRC Train the Trainer

Local Authority Trained leads

The West Partnership, in collaboration with Education Scotland, have provided training to enable staff in education and CLD to provide training in their local authorities. Please find a list of trained colleagues in your local authority below:

East Dunbartonshire
Maureen MacLeod
Nichola Roberts
Claire Pearson
Michelle Furphy

East Renfrewshire
Laura MacAskill
Rachael Hannon
Kimberley Hunter

Glasgow City Council
Gary Condi
Alan Dick
Fiona Vornic
Katy Anderson
Farasha Bashir
Debbie Lamberty

Inverclyde Council
Mhairi Lyle
Paul McGrath
Caroline McCahill
Gary Forbes

North Lanarkshire
Carol McPherson
Amy Reynolds
David McHutchison
Emma Deans
Michael Bradley
James Fagan
Kirstin Thomson

Carolyn Crawford
Siobhan Gray
Susan Bell
Fiona Taylor
Susan Stewart

South Lanarkshire
Shannon Goundry
Eilidh Mallan
Kevin Mullarkey

West Dunbartonshire Council
Martin Hamilton
Lucy McGovern
Greg Allan
Jane Crombie

CLD Support

CLD Lead Contact in your Local Authority

East Dunbartonshire Council
Drummond Stewart :

East Renfrewshire Council
Susan Craynor :

Glasgow City Council
Andy Robinson :

Inverclyde Council
Hugh Scott :

Renfrewshire Council
Fiona Taylor :

North Lanarkshire Council
Lesley Inglis :

South Lanarkshire Council
Joan McVicar :

West Dunbartonshire Council
Jane Logue :

Education Scotland
John Galt :

CLD Support

The West Partnership have been working in collaboration with Youthlink Scotland and Education Scotland to support establishments in evaluation of their partnership working. In the first Cohort (2021-22) we worked with seven partnerships and details of their work can be found by clicking on each of the links below. Our cohort of partnerships involves partners from six of our local authorities.

Coming soon.

Specialist Networks

Specialist Networks

Areas of focus:

Specialist Networks are where groups of practitioners collaborate to share experiences and expertise. This can result in the development of resources or professional learning opportunities.  The Specialist Networks promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise across local authorities promoting cross sector collaboration.

The Families & Communities Network aims to identify, share and develop best practices which support families living in poverty, build community capacity, increase parental engagement and improve inequity.

The Families and Communities Network is also responsible for developing systems that empower young people in participating in the West Partnership.

Download the Families & Communities Self-evaluation Framework

The CLD Managers Network aims to share practice in CLD service and delivery.  It has a core role in promoting partnership working between CLD and education practitioners. It is integral to the work of the West Partnership to promote and support youth participation.  The CLD Managers’ Network also supports our work with families and communities.

The CLD network supports the work of the West Partnership’s nominated Youth Ambassadors, enabling them to share their views on the work of the West Partnership.

Areas of focus include:

Collaboration across local authorities to create a Regional Improvement Collaborative central resource are for PSHE covering 3-18

Delivery of PSE Professional Learning linked to PSE review and Young Scot data

Areas of focus include:

Sharing of approaches in relation to national policy

Equitable and personalised curriculum which supports varied needs of learners.

Approaches to Positive Relationship Policies

Consistency across the WP in how we engage with parents, ensuring consistency if families relocate across authorities.

Information sharing/storing/data protection.

Collation & sharing of resources.

Collaboration across local authorities to share practice in supporting learner’s needs and inclusion.

Collaboration across local authorities to address priorities in The Promise implementation plan and to create a Regional Improvement Collaborative central resource for all colleagues.

Collaboration across local authorities to share practice and expertise when working to improve attendance. This group will also work to support establishments through a Collaborative Action Research offer.

Collaboration across local authorities to address priorities in UNCRC.

Spotlight on Attendance

Improvement Plan 2022-23

Download here

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Wellbeing for Learning


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