P7-S1 School Transition Support

At various points in a learner’s journey-significant times of change and school transition can take place. A primary learner may be making the move to secondary school; it may be that learners are completing their broad general education and progressing to their senior phase or a secondary school learner may be leaving school and looking ahead to their next education or employment destination.

It is vital that we support these very exciting and crucial times and ensure that all young people are equipped with a range of skills and indeed empowered to navigate, understand and enjoy the next stage of their learning.

P7 to S1 School Transition Film

West OS has created and produced a short digital film based on the premise of Question Time. In this, S1 West OS Ambassadors form an expert panel and answer burning questions about secondary school life that the P7 audience have. Hosted by TV presenter: Laura Boyd, this resource has clear answers that would help to put a P7 learner’s mind at ease before they move to secondary school in the new term.

P7 Learner

“This really answered everything that I was thinking about and has made me realise that secondary school will be great fun."

P7 Learner

“I was thinking about many of these questions and feel better now knowing what to expect at high school.”

P7 to S1 School Transition Support Guide

For learners

Our support guide for P7 learners has clear and concise information about secondary school and offers a further insight into secondary school life such as: making friends; getting prepared for the first day and also explains some new terminology that young people are quickly adjusting to.

P7 Learner

“It gives advice for different situations and gives an idea on high school”

P7 Learner

“I think it can help P7 Pupils because it answers a lot of things that people could be worried about”

P7 Parent/Carer

“This looks so child friendly and really answers some questions that I didn’t even have the answer to. This is a great help.”

P7 Learner

“This guide helped me and I think will help other P7 pupils”

P7 Learner

“I like the advice on the timetable and getting lost”

DHT P7 Transitions

I think the pupil leaflet is encouraging pupils to think of positives around different aspects of transition. This is a great guide with lots of fantastic suggestions for children.” 

P7 to S1 School Transition Support Guide

For Parents & Carers

This support guide helps parents and carers to support their child when making the move to secondary school. It helps open up the conversation surrounding this change and outlines how secondary schools support their new S1 learners in their own learning community.

These guides can be used by schools either in a digital format and uploaded to school websites, emailed to families or can be printed and distributed to learners, parents and carers. Please do what is best for your learning community.

DHT P7 Transitions

“This leaflet contains lots of helpful information.  It is very reassuring for parents and pupils and the layout is great as the information appears clear and concise.  Overall there is a supportive, positive tone and I think this will be really helpful for parents/carers and pupils to have.” 

P7 Parent/Carer

“This really helped me to understand how to help my child and has answered some questions I have about having someone to contact for help and support. I really enjoyed this and will be using it during the summer holidays."


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