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West OS Live offers real time, interactive study support webinars to provide additional support to learners within the Senior Phase! 

Between 21st February and 8th May 2022, West OS Live Study Support Webinars will run in early evening across 24 Senior Phase courses and will focus on key learning points from each subject and allow learners further opportunity to ask questions and seek further clarity on aspects of the course they may find challenging.

This programme of Study Support from West OS Live aims to extend the times learners can access Live Study Support already available through the National e-Learning Offer and eSgoil who currently offer a wide range of Study Support between 5pm and 8pm and can be accessed here 

Week 1 – 21st February
Day Time Level Subject Focus 
Monday 4.30pm Higher English RUAE 
Monday 4.30pm Higher Drama Section 2 Questions 
Tuesday 4pm Higher Politics Electoral Data Skills Questions 
Tuesday 4pm Higher Biology Evolution 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Maths Differentiation 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Modern Studies World Issue: Limited Development 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Chemistry Periodicity 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Geography Physical Environments 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Business Management Assignment Structure Hints & Tips 
Thursday 4pm Higher Human Biology Gene Expression 
Thursday 4pm Higher Physics Special Relativity 
Thursday 4pm Higher History Answering ‘Explain’ Questions 
Thursday 4pm Higher Computing Science Computer Systems 
Thursday 4.30pm Higher HFT Nutrition 
Week 2 – 28th February
Day Time Level Subject Focus 
Monday 4.30pm N5 English RUAE 
Monday 4.30pm N5 Drama Rehearsal Techniques Section 1 & 2 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Maths Fractions & Percentages 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Modern Studies Democracy in Scotland 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Chemistry Analytical Chemistry 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Geography Physical Environments 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Business Management SQA Command Words 
Thursday 4pm N5 Biology Genetic Engineering 
Thursday 4pm N5 Physics Electrical Power 
Thursday 4pm N5 History ‘Explain’ Questions 
Thursday 4pm N5 Computing Science Computer Systems 
Thursday 4.30pm N5 HFT Nutrition 
Week 3 – 7th March
Day Time Level Subject Focus 
Monday 4.30pm Higher English RUAE 
Monday 4.30pm Higher Drama 
Tuesday 4pm Higher Politics Unit 3 Campaign Strategies 
Tuesday 4pm Higher Biology Metabolism in Conformers & Regulators 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Maths Integration 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Modern Studies Democracy 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Chemistry Bonding & Structure 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Geography Human Environments 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Business Management Understanding Business 
Thursday 4pm Higher Human Biology Metabolic Pathways 
Thursday 4pm Higher Physics The Expanding Universe 
Thursday 4pm Higher History ‘How Fully’ Questions 
Thursday 4pm Higher Computing Science Software Design & Development 
Thursday 4.30pm Higher HFT Dietary Disease & DRV Questions 
Week 4 –14th March
Day Time Level Subject Focus 
Monday 4.30pm N5 English RUAE 
Monday 4.30pm N5 Drama Evaluation Section 1 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Maths Quadratic Equations & Graphs 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Modern Studies Crime & Law 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Chemistry Homologous Series 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Geography Human Environments 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Business Management Understanding Business 
Thursday 4pm N5 Biology Variation & Inheritance 
Thursday 4pm N5 Physics Projectiles 
Thursday 4pm N5 History 9 Mark Mini Essay (To What Extent) 
Thursday 4pm N5 Computing Science Software Design & Development 
Thursday 4.30pm N5 HFT Dietary Disease & DRV Questions 
Week 5 – 21st March
Day Time Level Subject Focus 
Monday 4.30pm Higher English Set Text 
Monday 4.30pm Higher Drama 
Tuesday 4pm Higher Politics Unit 1 Direct V Representative Democracy 
Tuesday 4pm Higher Biology Food Supply, Plant Growth & Productivity 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Maths Trigonometric Equations & Wave Function 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Modern Studies Health & Wellbeing Inequality 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Chemistry Nature’s Chemistry (Namin & Reactions of Carbon Compounds) 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Geography Global Issues 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Business Management Marketing & Operations 
Thursday 4pm Higher Human Biology Structure & Function of the Heart 
Thursday 4pm Higher Physics Collisions, Explosions & Impulse 
Thursday 4pm Higher History ‘Evaluate the Usefulness’ Questions 
Thursday 4pm Higher Computing Science Web Design & Development 
Thursday 4.30pm Higher HFT Sensory Evaluations & Start Profile Questions 
Week 6 – 28th March
Day Time Level Subject Focus 
Monday 4.30pm N5 English Set Text 
Monday 4.30pm N5 Drama Production Skills Section 2 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Maths Trigonometry in Triangles 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Modern Studies USA 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Chemistry Bonding 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Geography Global Issues 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Business Management Marketing & Operations 
Thursday 4pm N5 Physics Nuclear Radiation 
Thursday 4pm N5 Biology Transport Systems: Animals 
Thursday 4pm N5 History ‘Evaluate the Usefulness’ Questions 
Thursday 4pm N5 Computing Science Web Design & Development 
Thursday 4.30pm N5 HFT Sensory Evaluations & Start Profile Questions 
Week 7 – 25th April
Day Time Level Subject Focus 
Monday 4.30pm Higher English Critical Essay 
Monday 4.30pm Higher Drama 
Monday 4pm Higher Geography Geographical Skills Question & Exam Advice 
Tuesday 4pm Higher Politics 8 Marker Comparison Skills Question 
Tuesday 4pm Higher Biology Exam Skills 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Maths Functions & Graphs 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Modern Studies Skills 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Chemistry Calculations in Chemistry 
Wednesday 4pm Higher Business Management Finance & People 
Thursday 4pm Higher Human Biology Pathology of Cardiovascular Disease 
Thursday 4pm Higher Physics Electrical Sources & Internal Resistance 
Thursday 4pm Higher History 2 Source Interpretation Questions 
Thursday 4pm Higher Computing Science General Q&A plus Database Design & Development  
Thursday 4.30pm Higher HFT Functional Properties of Ingredients 
Week 8 – 2nd May
Day Time Level Subject Focus 
Monday 4.30pm N5 English Critical Essay 
Monday 4.30pm N5 Drama Past Paper Questions Masterclass 
Tuesday 4pm N5 Maths Pythagoras 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Modern Studies Skills 
Wednesday 4pm N5 Business Management Finance & People 
Thursday 4pm N5 Biology Photosynthesis 
Thursday 4pm N5 Physics Scalars & Vectors 
Thursday 4pm N5 History How Fully Describe/ How Fully Explain 
Thursday 4pm N5 Computing Science General Q&A plus Database Design & Development 
Thursday 4.30pm N5 HFT Functional Properties of Ingredients 
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