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Leadership, Empowerment & Improvement

The Leadership, Empowerment & Improvement Workstream is designed to promote connections across the eight local authorities and support collaborative improvement across the West Partnership.

A range of opportunities are available for teachers, middle and senior leaders with a focus on enhancing practice and developing capacity for leading school improvement. These are laid out in the tiles below.

Workstream Lead Officer

alison drever

Leadership Mentoring

Leadership Mentoring

This programme focuses on the support of Headteachers across the RIC area and the development and enhancement of leadership capacity within an empowered system.

Each Local Authority has the opportunity to recruit appropriate mentors from across sectors in order to offer coaching and mentoring to their Headteachers.

This programme will be delivered virtually as session 2020/21 commences.

For more information please contact Lead Officer, Jen Crocket.

Leadership Learning Sets

Leadership Learning Sets

This pilot programme will commence in September 2020, facilitated by The Mudd Partnership in collaboration with the RIC. In response to Covid-19, the pilot will be facilitated virtually in the first instance.

The pilot programme will bring together 16 Headteachers in two cohorts from across the West, in order to consider their leadership actions within an empowered system and offering a network of peers and support on which to draw.

The Learning Set programme will be designed and developed based on the needs of each cohort to offer a truly empowering opportunity for professional development.

Following initial evaluation of this pilot, our aim is to expand the programme during session 2020/21, with further cohorts and a larger number of participants involved.

For more information please contact Lead Officer, Jen Crocket.

Thinking About Headship

Thinking About Headship

A bespoke professional learning opportunity for experienced Depute Headteachers within the West Partnership, will be delivered in partnership with Glasgow University.

This programme aims to offer Depute Headteachers a pathway towards preparing for headship within an empowered system, and successful participants will be supported to explore themes and professional development tasks which act as an excellent pre-cursor to applying for Education Scotland’s national ‘Into Headship’ programme.


Thinking About Headship will also offer participants the chance to become familiarised with the content and expectation of the ‘Into Headship’ course, which offers the completion of the mandatory Standard for Headship, required for all new headteachers in Scotland from August 2020.

The programme will involve a mixture of flexible learning activities, practical application and professional reading and will be delivered virtually via twilight sessions in the first instance.  Potential participants will require to submit an application form to the West Partnership  and gain endorsement from their own local authority before beginning the programme.

Places are limited. For more information please contact Lead Officer, Jen Crocket.

Virtual Leadership Networks

Virtual Leadership Networks

The purpose of the West Partnership virtual leadership networks is to bring about effective collaboration across school leadership teams within the RIC. A key objective is to offer support and facilitate partnership working with key stakeholders which will lead to improved outcomes for children and young people within the context of Covid-19 and beyond. Our  Virtual Leadership Networks for Headteachers as well as Depute Heads will offer a virtual platform for discussion, sharing and collaboration and network events will be facilitated in collaboration with the Professional Learning and Leadership team at Education Scotland, as well as some experienced Headteachers and Depute Heads from across the RIC. Our launch events took place in late September 2020 and so far we have around 300 members from across the Senior Leadership community within the West Partnership. If you are interested in joining one of the networks- please contact Lead Officer-Jen Crocket. For further information regarding feedback on VLN sessions, please see the report below.

Further information on how to sign up to the networks will be shared with local authorities in August 2020 and it is anticipated that network events will commence in September 2020.

For more information please contact Lead Officer, Jen Crocket

Improving Our Classrooms

Improving Our Classrooms

Implementation of the Improving Our Classrooms programme is well underway across the West Partnership. 

Improving Our Classrooms focuses explicitly on improvement through self-evaluation at the classroom level and it takes place over a four month period with course content being delivered flexibly and covering The Curriculum, Learning and Teaching and Assessment.

It coaches practising class teachers in developing their skills and understanding in order to identify priorities and raise attainment at classroom level. Sessions are designed explicitly to develop and apply the understanding that teachers need to identify the most important aspects which they can change to promote improvement in their class and to review their impact.

This programme is currently undergoing adaptations for session 2020/21 to allow for flexible delivery in response to Covid-19.

For more information please contact Lead Officer, Jen Crocket.

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