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The first edition of the West Partnership e-newsletter was published in January 2020, in partnership with the Creativity team at Education Scotland.

West Partnership Conference March 2019

West Partnership Conference March 2019

About the West Partnership
Stephen Quinn shares demographics and statistics that describe the West Partnership.

Enhancing the work of the local authority
Mhairi Shaw shares the West Partnership’s vision to create a professional learning system for educators that enhances work of local authorities.

Celebrating Success

Examples of successful collaborations shared.

An empowered secondary curriculum

This workshop looked at how we can build a secondary curriculum that meets the needs of learners, preparing them for learning, life and work and how the RIC can work together to support curricular design.

Using Data in the BGE

How we currently use data to support improvement in the BGE.

Supporting the mental health of children, young people and staff

Concept of mental health and how we can think differently about it and the key role that education plays in supporting children, young people and staff.

Play Pedagogy

Key features of play pedagogy and how learning through play can transform learning and improve outcomes for children.

Parental Engagement & Family Learning

Challenges of engaging hard to reach families, or hard to reach schools, and how they can be overcome.

Collaborative Learning Networks

Research evidence presented which demonstrates positive impact of working collaboratively to improve outcomes for children and young people.

Primary Curriculum Conference 2020

Primary Curriculum Conference 2020

On January 28th 2020, 240 primary practitioners from across the West Partnership came together to attend our Primary Curriculum and Innovation Conference.

The event included keynote addresses by John Swinney, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Minister for Education and Skills as well as Graeme Logan, Director of Learning at the Scottish Government.  Delegates were also given the opportunity to attend their choice of six interactive workshops, led by a combination of Education Scotland partners as well as local authority representatives. 

Themes included Developing the Young Workforce, Health and Wellbeing, Literacy, Playful Pedagogy, Creativity and the refreshed CFE narrative.  Pupil leadership from across the RIC was also showcased on the day, with around 20 schools and establishments showcasing interesting and innovative practice at our Innovation Station centre. 

Evaluation of the event was extremely positive and we now look to offer further opportunities of this kind to encourage partnership and collaboration across the West.

Early Learning and Childcare Learning Festival 2020

Early Learning and Childcare Learning Festival 2020

February 7th 2020 saw the first West Partnership ELC Learning Festival take place, with a focus on the 1140 hours and the implications for establishments across the West.

The day was attended by some 700 ELC practitioners from all 8 local authorities as well as private partnership establishments within these areas.  A packed programme of keynote addresses, interactive workshops and a market place for showcasing of interesting practice ensured that delegates had numerous opportunities to network, learn and immerse themselves in some new and interesting practices aimed at the continual development of an exciting and effective curriculum for children. Keynote addresses include Dr Stella Louis, Katherine Solly and Lynne Taylor from Education Scotland.

A focus on ‘realising the ambition’ was threaded throughout the day, with workshops ranging from ‘Swedish Lunches to a variety of outdoor education pursuits as well as aspects of creativity and play. The event was very successfully evaluated with ELC staff feeling ‘inspired and re-enthused’ around the 1140 hours and its ongoing development. 

The partnership are planning to follow this event up with further professional learning opportunities targeted at the ELC sector.

West Partnership Early Learning Festival Celtic Park 2020

West Partnership Early Learning Festival Celtic Park 2020

West Partnership: An Empowered Primary Curriculum — Leadership and Innovation Conference (Crowne Plaza 2020)

West Partnership: An Empowered Primary Curriculum — Leadership and Innovation Conference (Crowne Plaza 2020)


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