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Improving Our Learning and Teaching Development Groups

The West Partnership has three Improving our… programmes.

All three programmes have the same focus on high quality self-evaluation at classroom level, leading to:

Although the programmes operate in different ways depending on the context and participants, they all use the same set of high-quality professional learning materials. Teacher groups are being established to support this. The role of these groups and the level of commitment required are set out below. 

The groups have two purposes.

  1. To share relevant and recent expertise and experience in high-quality learning and teaching with others.
  2. To offer group members the opportunity to build networks and work with colleagues from different sectors and local authorities.

This opportunity is for class teachers, principal teachers or depute heads in any sector.

There will be six groups, one for each of the following areas

  • Learning intentions and success criteria
  • Questioning
  • Feedback
  • Differentiation
  • Metacognition
  • Creative classroom

Applicants are asked to identify which of these they wish to be part of when the apply.

Overview of groups and their role

  • Each group has up to six members, including a chairperson.
  • Group members, as far as possible, come from different sectors and local authorities.
  • Group members have a particular expertise and interest in one of the six areas identified above. This may be through successful participation in IOC or other relevant professional learning opportunities.
  • Participation in a group is built into each member’s professional learning plan and agreed with the school’s senior leadership team.
  • Membership lasts a minimum of one and maximum of three years.
  • Each group agrees how they will work together, using the terms of reference as a basis for this. The number of meetings and amount of time may vary between groups. It is estimated that the time required will be up to ten hours.
  • Groups identify and review relevant and new research, evidence, policy and other information in relation to their area of focus.
  • Consider if and how this might be included in the professional learning materials used across the three IO… programmes described on page one.
  • Adapt and update the professional learning materials so that they are ready for use in advance of the new academic session. Materials take a variety of forms including presentations, learning journals, professional reading references and short films.
  • Work with the IO… core team members to support consistency across the different groups.

If you have any questions or would like to apply to join a group, please contact your local authority IO… lead or email Alison Drever, West Partnership Workstream Officer

Applications are open from April 17th till June 2nd 2023.

If you’re interested in applying please speak to your local authority IOC lead or email


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