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Professional Learning for Support Staff

We are delighted to present a series of Sway presentations designed for the continuous professional growth and development of our invaluable Support Staff. These resources were created by practitioners working across the local authorities in the West Partnership and we would like to thank all those involved in their creation.

The presentations delve into essential themes that enrich professional skills and contribute to the wellbeing of learners.

These presentations develop professional knowledge and understanding; actively contributing to the promotion of improved wellbeing outcomes for our children and young people.

Restorative Practices

Embark on a journey of fostering positive school communities through our Restorative Practices presentation. Learn how to build and maintain strong relationships within the school environment, resolving conflicts in a constructive manner and creating a culture that supports both accountability and empathy.

Child Development

Understanding the intricacies of child development is pivotal in providing effective support. Explore our Child Development presentation to gain insights into the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional milestones of children. Acquire knowledge that empowers you to tailor your support to the unique needs of each pupil, building a foundation for their future success.

Social and Communication Needs

Unlock the keys to effective communication and support for students with diverse social and communication needs. This presentation explores strategies to enhance social interaction, language development, and overall communication skills. This will support the creation of inclusive and supportive learning environments.

Trauma-Informed Responses

Dive into our Trauma-Informed Responses presentation to develop a comprehensive understanding of trauma and its impact on students. Learn how to implement strategies that promote resilience and foster a safe, supportive space where every child and young person can thrive.

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